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We are glad that you are interested in volunteering short term with CMIAID. It is important that you read these terms and conditions before submitting your application.

Volunteer Short Term - Terms & Conditions

Primary purpose


The purpose of a CMIAID SHORT-TERM WORKERS PROGRAM is to give the opportunity for Christian people to serve the Lord and to be a testimony for the Lord Jesus Christ in a foreign country. Our mission is to proclaim the Gospel and we expect that all short-term workers embarking on a period of service share that vision. We therefore expect that a workers conduct while serving will be in keeping with this vision.


Not for sightseeing or shopping


Short-term service is not for the purpose of sightseeing, shopping, or having a cheap holiday. It may be possible to conduct these activities during your period of service; however, they will only be done if time permits.


The cost


CMIAID asks all short-term workers to contribute a small amount towards the cost of their food, accommodation, and upkeep. The amount is £10 per day if you are staying for a period of 1 to 30 days or £ per day if you are staying for a period of 30 – 90 days. This cost includes the provision of all means while on the CMIAID Base (any food eaten out will be at the workers own expense), accommodation in CMIAID Dorms and use of laundry facilities.


Once the term of your application has been approved and the term of your stay has been established CMIAID will send an invoice for this contribution. This should be paid before arrival. Please note that short-term workers will also need to cover the cost of their transfer to the CMIAID Base. Once arrival details are confirmed CMIAID will arrange your transfer. In most cases a CMIAID worker will meet you at your point of arrival. Please note that the costs below are per vehicle. If more than one person is coming at the same time the cost needs only be paid once.


Transfer costs are as follows:

Bucharest Airport/Train Station £50

Chisinau Airport £25

Galati Train Station £15


Discipline and conduct


CMIAID has strict requirements of conduct for short-term workers. These requirements are for the protection of short-term workers, workers, leaders, and the testimony of the work as a whole. CMIAID takes very seriously unsuitable conduct that may reflect on the work as a whole and the Christian testimony generally. All short-term workers are required to adhere to the conduct requirements, which you will be advised of if your application is approved. Short-term workers that fail to adhere to these requirements are subject to dismissal and will be asked to leave. CMIAID policy on discipline and conduct will be given in more full detail if your application for service is approved. However, broadly speaking, the policy includes matters such as:


• Dress code

• Respect of other cultures and ways of

doing things

• Respect for local Christians

• Relations with other workers including

those of the opposite sex

• Publication of information and photos

on social media


No Extension Policy


It is CMIAID policy that a transition from Short- Term Service to Long-Term Service cannot be made in Moldova. Therefore, it is not possible, while in Moldova, to extend your stay beyond a 90-day period. CMIAID requires that if a person has the desire to apply for Long-Term Service after spending a period of time in Moldova that they leave within the 90-day period, return home, and pursue a Long-Term Service application from there. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.


Doctrinal Statement

It is expected that all volunteers will have read the Doctrinal Statement of both CMIAID and the Zirnesti Christian Assembly, with which CMIAID is closely associated. We understand that there are differences in view point relating to many doctrinal issues, however, we believe that agreement on the foundational doctrines, such as the Trinity, virgin birth, sinless perfection of Christ and His divinity is essential (this list is not conclusive). On other matters we accept that other views may held and simply ask that visitors respect the views held by CMIAID and the Zirnesti Christian Assembly while visiting and do not use the visit an opportunity to undermine the teaching of the local church.



Short-term workers serve at their own risk. CMIAID is not liable in the event of sickness, accident, death, or for transportation or any other expense beyond that of the normal team involvement. Each short-term worker is required to have personal travel and medical insurance cover for the duration of their service and it is their responsibility to ensure that they have such a policy issued before departure.

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