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Bethesda Soup Kitchen

The Bethesda Soup Kitchen commenced in 2011. It provides daily hot meals to approximately 50 elderly people in their homes. The food is delivered each weekday by CMIAID workers. Although the meals are very much appreciated, probably what brings most joy is the daily visit of the workers!


 Assistance and Potato Fund

There are many needy families in Moldova. The Family Support Program provides a wide range of support to help families in a time of need. This includes the provision of food, clothing, firewood, medicines, school supplies, hygiene items and furniture.

CMIAID Fire Service Logo [Romanian].jpg

CMIAID Fire Service

Perhaps the most unusual ministry of CMIAID in Moldova! In the event of a fire or emergency our fire service provides assistance to the residents of ten villages around Zirnesti. It is staffed by trained volunteers from CMIAID and responds to an average of 70 emergency calls each year.

Community Assistance Program

Each year we distribute aid through the Community Assistance Program. Much of the aid that we distribute is received in containers from abroad. Aid that is distributed includes hospital equipment, hospital consumables, fire-fighting equipment, furniture and stationery supplies. Aid has been distributed to hospitals, schools, kindergartens, the government fire service and the SMURD ambulance service.

Teachers Resource Centre ROMANIAN.jpg




The TRC opened in 2017 and is located in the Bethesda Centre. It provides resources such as computers, printers and laminators for school teachers to come and use free of charge. Most schools do not have these facilities. They also receive a credit each month allowing them to make use of consumables that the Centre provides. Currently there are over 200 teachers from government schools who are registered to use the Centre.

Sidney Cafe Sample.jpg

Sydney Café

The Sydney Café is located in the Bethesda Centre. The café is used for various outreach events throughout the year and also functions as a free café for people to visit. Why Sydney? Arthur Stace was a famous Sydneysider who God transformed from being a homeless alcoholic to a saint on the way to heaven. For the rest of his life he went around Sydney with a one-word message: ETERNITY. The café is themed around this story, prompting the question, “Where will you spend ETERNITY?”

Children's Ministry

Children’s Ministries form a large part of the work of CMIAID in Moldova. The Children’s Ministry is based on a three-fold approach…


1. Presenting the Good News through outreaches such as the annual Christmas Program held at the Bethesda Centre, and visits to schools.


2. Building knowledge and understanding of God’s Word through weekly Bible Clubs in villages, the Our Fathers World and Busy Bees groups at the Bethesda Centre, and the BIBLETIME Postal Bible School.


3. Building relationships with the children through the annual Children’s Summer Camps.


Each year approximately 700 children attend summer camps at the CMIAID Base and up to 7,000 students and teachers visit the Bethesda Centre to view the Christmas Presentation.


CMIAID Publications

Each year CMIAID prints approximately 70,000 Gospel calendars in the Romanian and Russian languages for distribution in Moldova. There are various types of calendars that are printed including those for adults, children and fire-fighters. These are widely distributed throughout the country and are given away free of charge.


Often teams are able to visit hospitals to distribute calendars, Bibles and other Christian literature to patients and staff.

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